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Hello TEDxRoermond Friends,

The more people we reach and inform them about the ideas of our TEDxRoermond speakers, the more TEDxRoermond is able to inspire people around the world. This way we really offer a global stage to our speakers.

A hot topic these days is social media reach. It determine the viral success and the influence of TEDxRoermond 2015 online.

So we have a request for you. Last year we reached 600.000 people with our Social media counter. This year we want to exceed this number but we need your help!

How does it work?
  • Connect your Facebook and/or twitter account on this page. Your followers and friends will be added to our counter.
  • We want to let people know about our livestream. We will sent 4 messages on your timeline to inform your followers and friends about this possibility. So no commercial content!